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Talking with humans to break down the many "ists" so that folks who are courageous and willing can learn how to love a human.


This is a live research and relationships project, meaning the research process will unfold on this website. I'm using constructivist grounded theory to design and analyze the dialogues I have with the humans featured on this podcast. I'm choosing a dialogue, rather than an interview approach, because I want to emphasize the relational aspect of this project. I'm choosing to make the dialogues (data) audible to interested listeners to offer another way to relate to the humans sharing their stories.

Our Story

Dr. Candice Nicole

Dr. Candice Nicole is an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky's College of Education. For the past six years, she has studied sex, social justice, and leadership. She is curious about how loving humans intersects with all three.

She is Black, cis-female, heterosexual, able-bodied, and Christian, transitioning from a working class to middle class life. For more about her, visit DrCandiceNicole.com.

Dr. Candice Nicole

Dr. Candice Nicole

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